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The Magdalen Islands (also known as Les Îles de la Madeleine) have everything you’d want in a summer getaway
Entry Island
Entry Island is the only inhabited island not connected to the rest of the island chain. It is home to a small number of families that live to the rhythm of the sea. Most are of Scottish descent.
Tiny and treeless, Entry Island is a charming little island featuring rolling green hills. Entry Island will charm you with its unspoiled nature, the shimmering colours of its landscape and its rounded hills. The summit of Big Hill, the highest point of the archipelago at 174 m, offers a truly breathtaking view.
Grandma’s Bakery
Inspired by the traditional recipes of our ancestors, Grandma’s Bakery produces fresh baked goods daily, including fresh bread, buns, pies, cakes and cookies. Also available at Grandma’s Bakery are local preserves, jams and lobster paste. Stop by for a taste of Grosse Ile at Grandma’s Bakery!
Grosse Ile
From the sandy beaches to the rocky red cliffs, Grosse Ile’s beautiful scenery is rivaled only by its unique heritage and culture! With a population of approximately 500 people, Grosse Ile is the largest English speaking community on the Magdalen Islands. Grosse Ile has a rich culture and history and its roots are strongly embedded in the fishing industry. With so much to offer, from beautiful sandy beaches, historic churches, local museums, a bustling fishing port and so much more, Grosse Ile is a must see destination!
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